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The HR Group has been instrumental to the growth of our biotechnology company.  We have benefited greatly from the hands-on support in all aspects of HR.  That has allowed us to focus on the innovative research that is the core of our company.

Ph.D., CEO, research and development biotech

They have been a tremendous help to me as I was tasked with taking over all aspects of the business. Their wide-spread knowledge of all HR functions, laws and policies along with knowledge of other operational functions was invaluable to me during a stressful period of change.

former president, product design firm with assembly operations

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The HR Group’s expert skills allowed us to have a robust HR system encompassing everything from performance reviews/goal setting to an advanced, personal development plan for each employee.  They understand how to build additional value from the company’s most important asset, its employees.

serial entrepreneur and angel investor


In today’s employment arena, proper administration of human resources has become a major burden on employers.   The team has been a valuable resource to our firm, providing the tools necessary to assure that our employment practices and policies align with myriad of laws and regulations that must be followed.  Additionally, their experience and insights have been critical in guiding us through the proper handling of numerous employee management issues.  Not only do we utilize the HR Group for our internal HR issues, but regularly recommend their services to our clients.

CPA, lead partner, accounting practice


Your presentation skills are so well polished; I was impressed just by the material and delivery. You are definitely right up there with the best consultants and trainers that Ford, Honeywell, or AlliedSignal ever brought in. I am convinced that large organizations would behave much differently if they had guys like you. And I've seen plenty of HR guys.

entrepreneur, business consultant and former Fortune 50 leader