The details on this long page permit you to consider our solutions in a two ways:

  1. a graphic highlighting our type of HR solutions

  2. a graphic describing our Talent + Risk + Process focus

  3. a grid of solutions you might consider, with specific examples

Before the details, why are considering expert support? What Results might you expect?

  • owners, investors and boards with increased capacity to meet goals and fewer risks

  • managers better skilled and focused

  • employees more engaged to perform and contribute

  • workplace that is more positive, productive, profitable, safe and compliant

So you know, the typical ways new clients begin to engage with us are an invitation to (1) conduct a risk assessment of one or more HR practices, or to facilitate a staff-talent assessment profile; (2) complete a discrete project such as recruit candidates to fill a job opening or develop an employee handbook; or (3) outsource a few or many human resources activities.

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#1 Our Types of Solutions

#2 Our Focus



#3 Detailed Examples of Services

Almost all of the following occur in every organization with at least one employee. Who is doing what in yours? To be sure, how each is accomplished varies by mission, industry, style, etc. Subject to FDA inspections for your operations in two countries? That how is very different if instead you have three software developers in Ann Arbor. Nevertheless, most of these bullets are happening. We can help.

Example solutions we provide which might advance your mission include:

  • guide managers in staff development and performance correction

  • pre-screen job applicants who are capable and want to work for you

  • establish regular, talent review and succession planning

  • coach new and seasoned leaders to their next level of competence

  • prepare a company and its people to be acquired

  • train supervisors and staff in appropriate workplace conduct or applicant interviewing

  • develop a culture and policy for successful remote/virtual work

  • determine who is exempt or non-exempt, employee or contractor

  • create an employee handbook that is useful and reduces risk

  • recommend compensation tactics and pay rates

  • establish a benefits enrollment process for employees

  • audit HR practices for compliance and effectiveness

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